Writing in my field / What I have learned

I am an aspiring technical writer, and I already have a year of experience as a technical writing intern. Technical writers seek to convey crucial information to their readers in clear, concise writing. It is important that the information is accurate and understandable, because in some situations a person's job-or their life-could depend on it. …

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Visual Elements Analysis

In this report, I identify visual design elements of several examples from the brand Chaco Footwear. The purpose of this is to examine what is effective to a user when designing a document, and what is not necessarily useful. Chacos Analysis

Explaining the Two-Component Report

The purpose of the two-component report is to indicate a topic and discuss it thoroughly, in an informative and persuasive manner. This includes identifying a solution, along with persuading the reader of the effectiveness of my proposal while still "protecting" myself by ensuring that what I are suggesting is reasonable and realistic. The structure of …

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Creating Progress Reports

The purpose of a progress report is to provide the reader with information about the progress you have made on a project, assignment, etc. Features of this genre include the readers' search for specific information, and the workplace tendency to have a set of conventions for progress reports. Progress reports themselves work to answer questions …

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Self-Review in Tech Comm Course

I enrolled in ENG 3050: Technical Communication I to become more familiar with the concept of Technical Communications and to learn enough to be able to employ my skills outside of the class. The course itself is designed to prepare students for reading, researching, writing, and designing technical documents. I believe that my performance in …

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