Creating Progress Reports

The purpose of a progress report is to provide the reader with information about the progress you have made on a project, assignment, etc. Features of this genre include the readers’ search for specific information, and the workplace tendency to have a set of conventions for progress reports.

Progress reports themselves work to answer questions regarding the work that the report covers, the purpose of the work, the progress of the work, the results that have been produced, expected progress, overall progress, and thoughts on what to do. These questions contribute to the purpose because they all regard the status of whatever is being reported on.

The structure of a progress report generally includes an introduction, facts and discussion, conclusions, and recommendations. The workplace conventions can lead to variation in this structure, but would include the same basic structure. This structure maximizes the clarity and understanding of the progress report, working from general facts to more specifics and then finally the writer’s thoughts.

Progress reports utilize these elements to work toward their purpose of updating the reader and providing them with essential information.


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