Balancing Content and Design

In Kristen Welch’s article "Poetry, Visual Design, and the How-To Manual: Creativity in the Teaching of Technical Writing”, she described her experiences as a professor teaching students technical writing. Although this article is an explanation of the teaching process, I found it to be a useful piece in thinking about technical writing and design, and …

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Considering Collaboration

I have found that one of the more pervasive obstacles in my technical writing group is our ability to collaborate. While we are all open and willing to communicate with each other, sometimes a document is edited by two different people two different times—unnecessarily. How can we work to prevent this from happening? What are …

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Typeface & Tech Comm

What is typeface, and why does it matter in technical communication? “Impression Management Using Typeface Design”, which is featured in the Journal of Marketing and was written by Pamela Henderson, Joan Giese, and Joseph Cote, describes the fact that while both academics and practitioners generally agree that typeface design is “an important visual tool for …

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