An (Academic) Year in Review

From volunteering for the Society for Technical Communication to creating this blog, I’ve had a pretty busy year. I believe that I have accomplished a lot in attempting to further my future career. I would like this blog post to examine my realizations and thoughts on the field of technical writing and communication as this …

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Why Be a Technical Writer?

What are the advantages of becoming a technical writer? It’s a profession with a daunting name. As I discussed in an earlier post, it can be unclear whether the emphasis is on “technical” or “writer”. It’s actually on both. There’s also an emphasis on creativity, collaboration, new experiences, and job security. Technical writing is a …

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Advice from Experienced Technical Writers

I recently had the opportunity to job shadow the technical writing group at Thomson Reuters. Many of the technical writers there have worked in the field for more than fifteen years, and I was excited to talk with these experienced technical writers about various concerns and questions I had. We addressed a few main themes, …

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