Effective Presentation Design

I believe that the way information is presented has a lot to do with how it is received, so learning how to make better presentations should be an important consideration in relaying information. I edit training presentations at my job, so I have been able to see firsthand what works best and what distracts from …

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Balancing Content and Design

In Kristen Welch’s article "Poetry, Visual Design, and the How-To Manual: Creativity in the Teaching of Technical Writing”, she described her experiences as a professor teaching students technical writing. Although this article is an explanation of the teaching process, I found it to be a useful piece in thinking about technical writing and design, and …

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Redesign of a “Course Sampler”

The Wayne State English department created a course sampler to give students a general understanding of what they can expect from different courses. It is useful in understanding the basics of what a class is about, what will be expected from the instructor, what sort of assignments there will be, and other helpful information. However, …

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