Advice from Experienced Technical Writers

I recently had the opportunity to job shadow the technical writing group at Thomson Reuters. Many of the technical writers there have worked in the field for more than fifteen years, and I was excited to talk with these experienced technical writers about various concerns and questions I had. We addressed a few main themes, …

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Getting Started in the Technical Writing World

I would hardly consider myself an expert in technical writing, but I’ve come far since my discovery of it back in my sophomore year at Wayne State. If I could go back in time and know what I know now, these are a few things I would’ve wanted to get a head start on. Search …

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Increasing Knowledge about English Degrees

The English degree seems to have become a thing of fear and a sign of a doomed career and unemployment. In an article called “Going for the hard sell as interest in English major declines, the Washington Post states statistics that acknowledge the decline of bachelor’s degrees in English while other degrees such as Computer …

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