Humanistic Rhetoric and “Mediation”

A quote by David N. Dobrin in his piece What's Technical about Technical Writing? was very interesting to me. He states that teaching technical writing should not be described as teaching students to write manuals or technical prose. Rather, it should be described as teaching students how to make their work useful to the people they …

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Increasing Knowledge about English Degrees

The English degree seems to have become a thing of fear and a sign of a doomed career and unemployment. In an article called “Going for the hard sell as interest in English major declines, the Washington Post states statistics that acknowledge the decline of bachelor’s degrees in English while other degrees such as Computer …

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Redesign of a “Course Sampler”

The Wayne State English department created a course sampler to give students a general understanding of what they can expect from different courses. It is useful in understanding the basics of what a class is about, what will be expected from the instructor, what sort of assignments there will be, and other helpful information. However, …

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